LA GRANDE VISION™ was founded in 1979, as the sole proprietor trade name of James Earl Reid, Sculptor. The founding of “LA GRANDE VISION™” took place during Reid’s conceptualization of his independently designed and created figurative sculpture, that seeks and expresses through its gesture, the ultimate quest for LA GRANDE VISION™. LA GRANDE VISION™ represent Reid’s signatory sculptural expression that he defines both as his visionary artistic purpose and his seeking of the highest standards of artistic achievement that can be expressed and experienced through his art. The concept for LA GRANDE VISION™, as a public monument, was originally conceived and designed by Reid to be representative of Baltimore’s then forthcoming “Visionary Transformation” of, what was then, its “Old Inner Harbor Site” into the “International Tourist Attraction that it is Today”.

“The LA GRANDE VISION™ Organization” shall incorporate as: (a) LA GRANDE VISION™ CORPORATION; (b) LA GRANDE VISION™-James Earl Reid, Sculptor, Inc.; and (c) additionally we shall establish a private international community foundation presence. The foundation shall trade as LA GRANDE VISION™ Foundation for Public and Fine Art, Inc.. It shall Promulgate LA GRANDE VISION™’s Mission and Vision. In addition it shall: (a) Promulgate and Commission the Artist of LA GRANDE VISION™ to design and create for the public and private benefit; (1) “Visionary Transformation of Environments through Relevant Public and Fine Art”; (2) Visionary Design and Creation of Relevant Historic Figures for Museum Permanent Public Display and Travel Exhibition Purposes ; and (3) Visionary Independent Custom Design, Creation, Publication, Marketing and Distribution of LA GRANDE VISION™ Museum Quality Fine Arts Collectibles and Medallions™through Non-Profit 501- (c)(3) Organizations, as Premium In-Kind Gifts, to Fine Art Collectors, Fundraisers, Funding Contributors, Corporate and Individual Sponsors, Visionary Civic Minded Developers, Benefactors and Underwriters of Non-Profit 501-(c)(3) Organization Fundraising Campaigns; (b) Promulgate and Promote LA GRANDE VISION’s™ Marketing, Distribution, Fundraising Campaign Design and Consultant Services through Non-Profit 501-(c)(3) Organizations; (c) Promulgate and Contract Limited Licensing Agreements with participating Non-Profit 501-(c)(3) Organizations, who choose to Use, Market and Distribute “LA GRANDE VISION™ Museum Quality Fine Art Collectibles and Medallions” as “Premium In-Kind Gifts” to Fine Art Collectors, Funding Contributors, Corporate and Individual Sponsors, Visionary Civic Minded Developers, Benefactors, and Underwriters of their Fundraising Campaigns.

“Our Planned Organizational Growth” shall be through the formation of “Creative Alliances and Partnerships” with Non-Profit 501- (c)(3) Organizations, Cities, Towns, Urban and Suburban Community Developments, Community Organizations, Visionary Civic Minded Developers, Architectural Firms, Architects, Colleges, Universities, Governments, Museums, Galleries, Fine Art Collectors, Fundraisers, Fundraiser Contributors, Corporate and Individual Sponsors, Benefactors, Underwriters and all who may desire to:

“Express through the Artist of LA GRANDE VISION™ a Substantive and Relevant Voice, in Commemoration of The Spirit and Life of Our Beloved Communities, Worldwide, Here and Now”.

“The Work” of LA GRANDE VISION™ evolves from our commitment, passion and desire to actualize “Visionary Socially Relevant Public and Fine Art Design Concepts” that “Celebrate the Highest Standard of Artistic Achievement and Expression”. “Optimum Performance Underpins Our Mission and Purpose.”

“Within the Artist of LA GRANDE VISION™’s Socially Relevant Creative Conscious Mind, Eye, Heart, Soul, Spirit and Voice, the Commitment and Ethos to Serve Suffering as Well as Beauty”, must exist together in a balanced flow towards “The Continuity of its Harmonious Whole”.

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